Sanitary Bins Supply, Collection and Disposal Services

Thadma Cleaning Services offers comprehensive sanitary bin supply, collection, and disposal services to ensure that your facilities are hygienic and odour-free. Our team of experienced technicians will supply you with high-quality sanitary bins, regularly collect your full bins, and properly dispose of the waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our sanitary bin supply, collection, and disposal services include:

  1. Supply: We’ll supply you with high-quality sanitary bins that are designed to meet your specific needs.

  2. Collection: Our team will regularly collect your full sanitary bins and transport them to our disposal facilities.

  3. Disposal: We’ll properly dispose of all waste in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that it doesn’t harm the environment.

At Thadma Cleaning Services, we understand the importance of maintaining a hygienic and odour-free environment, and we’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have, and we guarantee that you’ll love the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive sanitary bin supply, collection, and disposal services.

Customised Sanitary Bins Services in Nairobi

Providing sanitary bins in washroom cubicles is vital in ensuring any female who visits the washroom feels comfortable and relaxed when using those facilities.

We offer a discreet and convenient method to safely and hygienically dispose of sanitary waste which helps to assure them that their health and safety is important to us. Our feminine hygiene services provide your business with sanitary disposal bins to enable a safe and legally compliant way to dispose of sanitary waste.

As not all washrooms are the same, our variable service frequency options provide a cost-effective sanitary solution. Our services offer peace of mind to females who visits the washroom, whilst providing reassurance that this sensitive waste is being dealt with in a safe and hygienic manner.


We have diversified to offer sanitary disposal services and our clientele includes high corporate companies, NGO’s, individuals, schools, churches etc.

The sanitary bins are changes twice weekly or bi- monthly or as per the customer’s request. The bins are lined with papers and user friendly chemicals applied to trap in bad odour and keep off un-wanted pests.

By installing sanitary disposal units, your business will not only be demonstrating good hygiene practices but you also be complying with the rules of the health system thus making your business to thrive. With our long term experience in sanitary bin disposal you can trust that we will carefully dispose all your sanitary bins leaving no bin untouched.

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