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Mosquitoes are one of the most vexing pests to deal with, particularly during the summer. They not only cause itchy bites, but they can also spread serious diseases like malaria and Zika. Fortunately, you can get rid of these pesky little critters quickly and easily with the help of Thadma’s professional pest control services.

Thadma’s mosquito control services begin with a thorough inspection of the premises for any standing water, which serves as an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Our experts then use a variety of techniques to reduce the mosquito population, such as larvicides to kill larvae and adulticides to kill adult mosquitos. To kill any remaining mosquitos, we also use misting systems to spray pesticides into the air.

Thadma, in addition to removing standing water and using pesticides, provides other solutions such as installing screens and mosquito nets to keep mosquitos out of your home. We can also suggest ways to make your yard less appealing to mosquitoes, such as trimming any vegetation and using citronella candles and bug zappers.

We understand that mosquitoes can be a real annoyance, which is why we strive to provide the best mosquito control services possible. Our experienced professionals are here to assist you in getting rid of these pests quickly and safely, allowing you to enjoy the summer months without being bothered by mosquitoes. To learn more about our mosquito control services, please contact us today!

Tips For Mosquito Infestation Prevention

Everyone understands how inconvenient and itchy mosquito bites can be, especially for children. However, you should be concerned about more than just the itch; mosquito-borne diseases can make you, your family, and even your pets extremely ill. Check out the following tips to help prevent mosquitos:

  1. Close and screen windows and doors to keep mosquitos out.
  2. Get rid of any standing water in your yard or around your house, such as in flowerpots, bird baths, or rain gutters.
  3. When going outside, wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and hats, particularly during peak mosquito hours (dawn and dusk).
  4. On exposed skin and clothing, apply insect repellent containing DEET or other effective ingredients.
  5. In your outdoor areas, plant mosquito-repelling plants like lavender, marigolds, and citronella grass.
  6. To decrease the number of mosquitos in your yard, install an outdoor fan or a bat house.
  7. Use mosquito traps to reduce mosquito populations in your area.
Professional Mosquito Fumigation Services in Nairobi Kenya

The seasonal mosquito program at Thadma Pest Control Services is designed to combat mosquitos during their peak season. Our integrated pest management strategy employs a four-pronged approach that targets mosquitos in the air, on the ground, and in breeding areas. We use a growth regulating granular to inhibit the growth of mosquito larvae in any areas with standing water, focusing on source reduction methods. This prevents mosquito development and must be repeated every 21 – 30 days to break the mosquito egg cycle.

We use a combination of microbial insecticides and vegetation foggers to disperse all natural chemical insecticides to the rest of the mosquitos that make it onto your property. This ensures that every surface that could be a mosquito breeding ground is coated in poisons that are toxic to mosquitos but safe for pets and children. The final line of defense is to use an EcoGuard dyna trap electric mosquito zapper to lure in any unsuspecting mosquitos that have survived the other treatment methods. This lethal weapon is effective at reducing mosquito populations within a half-acre radius, which is useful when you have neighbors who aren’t actively trying to suppress mosquito populations.

Thadma also guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and stands by our promise to eliminate your mosquito problem. That mosquito control guarantee is included with every service, and if the mosquitos return, so do we, at no extra charge. We are ready to provide you with a free estimate and assist you in scheduling your first mosquito pest control service appointment. Give us a call right away!

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