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For your home or business, Thadma Pest Control Services offers guaranteed cockroach control services. In addition to exclusion services, interior and exterior treatment, and inspections, our state-licensed and trained cockroach exterminators also provide them. In order to eliminate the issue at its root, our integrated pest management plan will identify problem areas and pinpoint the cockroaches’ hiding places.

For each of our clients, Thadma Pest Control Services offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we keep our word to get rid of your cockroach problem until the last one is gone. Every service includes the cockroach control guarantee, and if the cockroaches return, we will continue to provide service at no additional charge. We are prepared to provide you with a free quote and assist you in setting up your first cockroach pest control service.

Cockroaches are among the most prevalent pests in homes and offices are cockroaches. In addition to being unsightly, they can spread diseases and trigger allergies. Cockroaches should be controlled in order to keep them from becoming an issue.

Why Choose Our Pest Control Services In Nairobi,Kenya

Thadma has created a thorough pest control service to assist homeowners and businesses in keeping cockroaches under control because we recognize the value of effective cockroach control. Our offerings consist of:

  • Baiting: We lure cockroaches with baits and then kill them with insecticide. Baiting is a reliable method for lowering the cockroach population in your residence or place of business.
  • Spraying: Cockroaches are killed immediately on contact by insecticides. This is a practical method for lowering the cockroach population in your business or home.
  • Sealing: To stop cockroaches from getting into your house or place of business, we use sealants to fill in cracks and crevices. This lessens the number of cockroaches on your property and helps to keep them out.
  • Surveillance: To find cockroach activity in your home or place of business, we use monitoring systems. This aids in determining whether the population is growing or shrinking.
Trusted Pest Control Services in Nairobi

We at Thadma are dedicated to delivering efficient, secure, and ecologically friendly pest control services because we recognize that cockroaches can be a problem. Our team of professionals is available to address any queries you may have and offer the best cockroach control options. To understand more about our cockroach control services, get in touch with us right away.

How does cockroach infestation occur?

Cockroaches frequently enter a building by taking a ride or squeezing through a small opening. They are less likely to be noticed until you have a large number of cockroaches living in your home because they are most active at night when they are looking for food. Although cockroaches in general are not social insects by nature, they will gather in the same places because the pheromone released by their excrement indicates that a location is safe for harborage. These areas, which are also referred to as aggregation points, are frequently discovered in cabinetry, wall voids, electronic devices, and other locations where cockroaches are unlikely to be disturbed. It is advised to get in touch with a cockroach fumigation expert like Thadma.

Ways of preventing Cockroaches infestation.

When an infestation does happen, it’s crucial to know how to get rid of the attractant because different kinds of cockroaches seek out various resources. The best preventative measure against cockroach infestations is typically keeping a space free of trash and food, but occasionally that isn’t enough. Because cockroaches are drawn to water, making sure there aren’t any leaks or pools of water will help reduce the likelihood of an infestation. To determine how severe an infestation is, it also helps to place bait traps or sticky traps around roach motels. When an infestation becomes unmanageable, it may be necessary to enlist the assistance of a professional pest control company Like Thadma for cockroach extermination.​

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